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SRT Viper Grand Touring Goes Green… Literally


SRT Viper Grand TouringThere is no denying that the SRT Viper is an awesome car. It is a machine that grabs hold of the little boy that lives within all of us and feeds him a sugary drink. V10 power under the bonnet in the order of 640BHP makes this one rapid snake and this latest generation also receives a more sporting feel to take full advantage of all those ponies. For 2014 SRT are launching the Viper Grand Touring.

To sit in the middle of SRT’s Viper range, the 2014 SRT Viper Grand Touring features a new five mode electronic stability control and electrically adjustable suspension. The GT model also gets leather seats as standard and have access to to new options such as Mopar carbon wings and splitter. However, the engine remains untouched. New for 2014 is the option of “Stryker” green paint that gives the Viper an almost evil appearance.