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SsangYong XIV-1 Concept Is Brands Future


Here at Inside Lane we get the opportunity to test some of the worlds most sought after cars. But when you have spent a lot of time with something like a Ferrari 458, when one passes you in the street it doesn’t tend to turn your head. When makes us sit up and take not are those manufacturers that we don’t see very often. Manufacturers like SsangYong. If we are honest they don’t make fantastic cars but in the UK they are so few and far between it has been known for one of us to come into the office bragging about how they just saw one. The new XIV-1 Concept could make these cars more common.

This Korean firm has just unveiled its new concept car that previews future design directions. The little SUV his a much more premium look to it promoting a genuine pursuit into competing with european rivals. Though purely for display, the XIV-1 could be seen to take on rivals such as the Skoda Yeti and undercut its price tag.

We quite like it and if it does make it to production you can bet we shall be fighting each other for the keys!