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SSC Ultimate Aero II Leaked!


“Bugatti shall fall!” That and many other battle cries can be heard from the SSC supercar manufacturer. The Veyron/Ultimate Aero clash has been going on for a few years now and with Bugatti toppling the SSC record a few months ago the American’s are out for blood. So bring on the contender, the Ultimate Aero II.

These Images have leaked from a variety of sources each claiming different places of which they originate. However Jalopnik appear to have scored theirs from another UK magazine as part of an exclusive. This car was first shown in Monterey last month but it was a strictly a no camera’s affair thus no juicy picture for us to dissect. The car from these images is a radical change from the old with fictional fighter jet bubble and fins. Striking is the word I would use.

There is literally no other information on the car so will just have to wait until its launch next week.