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Stunning Subaru Impreza Concept Shows Future


The Subaru Impreza is a car that has earned its right to be amongst motoring legends. The car has battled on some of the harshest terrain on Earth, gone head to head with immortal machinery and won. When the latest Impreza came along we all thought that in hatch form it looked rather like a Daewoo, luckily the STi variant changed that but the styling will always be a little on the conservative side. What happened to the days of bonnet scoops, huge rear wings and artillery scale exhaust pipes? Well Subaru have answered these questions with their new Impreza concept.

Unveiled at the LA motor show this week, the Subaru Impreza concept hints towards future styling directions for the Japanese company. We like it’s aggressive, manly, almost brutal stance that evokes thoughts of this cars power. To us this is what Impreza styling is all about… Making a statement of intent. The car also debuts the next-gen Boxer engine, this on in particular is the 2.0 litre,  and CVT transmission. Subaru won’t produce this car but have no doubt that the next Impreza will look much meaner thanks to this concept.