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Team Lotus Buys Catherham


Some say that the plucky British sports car is dead. As the fabled brands dropped like flies so did the reputation of the breed. As cars became fatter and safer there was one that stayed true to the formula… Catherham; just two seats, four wheels and an engine. Motoring at its simplest and it is this pure form of driving that saw record profits for the company last year. But what about its future? Who knows what fate awaits the firm? Well its fate is not a dark one that’s for sure after Team Lotus announced their acquisition.

The Fernandes owned Formula One team now has the keys to the kingdom after buying 100% of Catherham. They apparently have big plans for the brand and come the British GP they will announce a tie-in with the F1 team. To celebrate their new ownership 25 special edition seven’s have been made sporting the Team Lotus colours.

With the team’s ongoing spat over its name this deal can only strengthen their argument to remain Team Lotus.