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The Show, Development Diary #1


Hello folks! Tyler here kicking off our weekly “behind the scenes” update of our soon to be released YouTube show. Yes the launch date has been confirmed as Saturday 6th November and we have also announced there will be 5 of these half-hour shows. What can you expect? Well; myself, Matt and Steve (who you might be familiar with from the podcast) will be bringing you the latest news of the week as well as reviewing the newest offerings from various manufactures. The aim is to make it entertaining yet informative at the same time and not just a show that sets things on fire as a car drives past (no names being mentioned.) But we do have some really great stuff to share with you including that fantastic Mercedes SLS AMG that I am reviewing later in the series.

This week all hell broke loose in the office as we lost 25 pages of the magazine that was to be out tomorrow, some strong language could be heard in the surrounding areas! So amidst trying to find a solution to the problem we have been editing the vast amounts of film we have churned up whilst filming over the summer. We are in the fortunate position of having too much material so we will insure that the good stuff that doesn’t fit finds its way to you in another form. Next week we have a meeting planned where we hope to secure the last few cars we need for filming as well as record a fresh podcast. Busy, busy, busy…

Now as the show is so close now we can officially launch our trailer! This doesn’t show all we have to offer as we still want to keep a few surprises back for later. Hope you enjoy it, until next week guys 😉