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The Show, Development Diary #2


So, another week bites the dust as we continually piece together the show. What we didn’t realise when we first started planning the show was just how much footage we would churn up. Yeah a few outtakes were expected but with the time constraints we have it involves a lot of careful cutting and chopping. On average it takes about ¾ of an hour to edit a 10 minute section, not a fantastic prospect when next week marks the one month to go barrier.

This week we managed to get the podcast sorted as well as get issue 21 of the magazine out the door. We still have 3 pieces of film left to complete and next week we are recording a pilot of the news section to make sure all our lighting plays nice with the cameras in the studio. That will more than likely go live at in the same week so we can gauge reactions to the layout. As if that wasn’t enough we are also beginning out “tour” (yeah we like to think we are rock stars) of the local area with promotion as well as talking to over 1200 11-18’s. Wish us luck!

I’ll leave you this week with a bit of camera phone footage of Matt and his antics with the CR-Z. Another update next week.
Tyler 😉