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Vauxhall Go Focus Hunting With Astra VXR


At the top of the hot-hatch pile sits a handful of class leaders that just are incredible. In our opinion the current king if the Focus RS as it is simply one of the finest machines to be called a hatchback. But that could all change with the 2012 Vauxhall VRX. The hot-hatch war is on!

The new Astra goes on the aggressive sporting its shiny new VXR badges. Vauxhall promise class leading performance from their new terror as it produces an amazing  277BHP. 295lb-ft of torque further backs up this cars claims not to mention the addition of a limited slip differential. The chassis of the car has been perfected at the Nürburgring to insure that this cars handling is as sharp as its attitude.

This turbocharged 2.0 litre will go on sale next year.