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Vauxhall/Opel To Send Adam Rallying


Vauxhall and Opel are one and the same these days and as a result both are suffering from the same problem. The brands are perceived as boring and unappetizing to those who look for more than just a bargain when buying a car. Their new Adam supermini could change that with its unique design, but as always, exposure is key. That is why the two are readying to throw their latest model into the rough and tumble of rallying.

The little Adam has been stripped out and gear up for professional rallying duties. Neither Vauxhall or Opel intend to support factory teams, but they are providing fully kitted out customer cars. Next year the R2 class car will be able to compete in FIA races as well as the newly formed ADAC Opel Rally Cup for young drivers.

There is no word on pricing for the Adam as of yet, but you have to admit that it sure looks the business donning a rally livery.