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Volvo V60 Hybrid Is Good with Numbers


What is Volvo today? What do you say about yourself when you drive one? The Swedish cars are well known for their safety but the aim is also for the name to provoke thoughts of environmental friendliness. Volvo pondered long and hard about how to go about this and after a few years of research have come up with this… The V60 D6 Hybrid.

Though the prospect of a hybrid from any manufacture is unappetizing, this V60 is rather interesting. Packing a battery under the floor in the boot allows it to power the rear axel whilst a 2.4 litre turbo diesel does the business up front. The combustion engine produces 212BHP and 324lb-ft of torque, the electric motor 69BHP and 147lb-ft. The car can run in all-electric mode for up to 32 miles and in its greenest setting produce just 49g/km of CO2. What is interesting is the cars “save mode.” This allows the driver the ability to save stored electrical energy for specific occasions much like you might save your favorite power-up in a video game.

Expect to see the D6 on the road come November 2012.