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VW Sets Record… 1,527 on One Tank!


These days the world’s governments are continuously trying to shoehorn us into “green mobiles” in a bid to prolong the inevitable melting of the polar ice cubes. London is a prime example where you get charged Eco-tax for entering in anything larger than an ethnic peace scooter. You only have to glance at the nearest row of parked cars to see the god-awful G-Wiz looking smug next to a proper car. However the combustion engine is fighting back in the form of a VW Passat.

Earlier this year a completely standard BMW 320d covered 1,000 miles on one tank of fuel showing that you don’t need to suffer in the likes of poorly constructed hug-a-tree mobiles. Today VW have surpassed that record and dealt a hefty blow to the Eco-Nazi by getting a standard Passat Blue Motion to travel 1,527 miles without a fill up. That is astonishing as the Passat is a perfectly everyday car yet can more than triple the claims of even the best green machines. So it does beg the question of why does it still have to pay all the other fees that the supposedly environmental do-gooders escape?

Come on, this wasn’t a lab experiment! It was on real roads with a standard 1.6 litre TDI. If only the people responsible for transport etc. knew what they were talking about.