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VW Street Up! is no GTI


VW Street Up!For the past few years Volkswagen have been showcasing the Up! but have also been showing possible concepts and variations, not many of which have ever made it to production. There are the five and three door versions, the electric e-Up! and also the soft roader Cross Up!, alongside the Seat at Skoda versions. Although the concept of the Up! GT never became a reality VW have now unveiled the new Street Up!

A slightly sportier version of the original offers stiffer suspension, 16-inch alloys, racing stripes, new gear stick and steering wheel. The new Street Up! certainly looks like a fast super mini but is still only available with the engines from the original Up! so the most power available is only 75bhp. A sharp black, yellow and silver paint scheme dons this model. The new suspension will offer better handling through the corners, how that will alter the little cars well judged ride remains to be seen, but it is still far from the smaller GTI we all want.

A more powerful performance variation has not been ruled out especially with rivals such a Renault likely to make a spicier variant of its rear engined, rear wheel drive Twingo.