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VW UP! GT Shows Small Cars Can Be Serious


The teeny-tiny city car is flourishing in motor land with manufacturers finding their sales to be more and more profitable. VW’s little UP! is proving popular with the crowds and many are itching to place an order. Let the mind wonder far enough into the future and you may stumble across a thought such as “what other variants will the Germans offer?” Well this concept should answer your question.

The VW UP! GT is a more lavishly designed grade for the car. New bumpers, spoiler and LED’s make the pocket-sized people mover much more aggressive in the looks department. Also the 17 inch alloys dominate the small wheel arches and complete its purposeful stance. This is just a concept for now but you can bet your house that this GT, in one form of another, will make it into production.

Bring on the UP! GTI…