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VW XL Sport Concept lets you have your Cake and Eat it


VW XL Sport ConceptThe VW XL1 is an astonishing engineering exercise. Volkswagens top boffins were tasked with building one of the worlds most efficient cars and true to their German stereotype they did a damn good job! Now entering a very limited production run with each car costing just shy of £100,000, the 313MPG car emits just 21g/km of CO2. This plug-in hybrid maximises efficiency via aerodynamics, an electric motor and a tiny 800cc TDI engine. For the Paris motor show a performance variation has been shown in the form of the VW XL Sport Concept.

This car is the 200 millionth Volkswagen has ever produced and is powered by the most powerful V-twin engine in the world. The VW/Audi-Ducati link is clear to see. This motorbike engine produces 197BHP and has a redline of 11,000rpm. VW say that the XL Sport Concept is good for 0-62MPH in 5.7 seconds and a top speed of 167MPH. A seven speed DSG transmission takes care of cog swapping for the two seater. Weighing just 890KG and sporting a more aggressive bodykit, the VW XL Sport Concept also possesses a deployable rear spoiler. There is currently no official decision to put the car into production, limited or otherwise.