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VW XL1 Concept Claims 313MPG


The environmental viability of a car appears to be the new benchmark many manufacturers such as Nissan, Ford and more are aiming for. We don’t condemn that as everyday cars, so long as the compromises are small, can only benefit the user by reducing the fuel bill. VW have been at the forefront with their brilliant Bluemotion range offing typical German quality with fuel sipping benefits. Now they have gone all out on what is called the XL1.

The concept has been unveiled at the Qatar motor show and claims that it can do 313MPG in combined conditions. Now that is staggering! The car is a hybrid that is powered by an 800cc two cylinder TDI engine and an electric motor to produce a rather conservative 72BHP. However the cars lightness allows for a 0-62MPH of 11.9 seconds and achieve a top speed of 99MPH. The VW XL1 can seat two adults and despite the company showing this as a concept they say it is the future of their “super efficient vehicles.”