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We Are Being Terrorized Into Being Green


Hello reader and welcome to, as you would expect, yet another of my columns where I rant my heart out. Before 10 minuets ago, today was going well. I had a reasonably restful afternoon followed by a nice social trip to the cinema with some friends. “Awww isn’t that nice…” After arriving back home I proceeded to partake in my usual ritual of turning on the computer and checking up on anything I may have missed during the day. BANG! There it was in the middle of my screen, the source of something that has made me quite cross. On one of the worlds leading automotive sites was a survey and a question to the effect of asking if driving a manual car is ethical or not. An interesting question as many automatics do produce slightly better MPG, but there is one very clear answer to this question. OF COURSE IT IS BLOODY ETHICAL TO HAVE THREE PEDALS IN YOUR CAR!!!!

I am sick and tired of being ridiculed by environmentalists. I can understand their plight, I really can, and yes we do need to take better care of the planet. But who are they to judge me? Stop trying to make me feel guilty because I indulge myself driving what I want to drive. You wouldn’t bully me for making a controversial choice in my life such as taking up religion just because it doesn’t fit with your views. So here is a message for the “Eco Nazi” and all its followers. I will drive a manual car BECAUSE THAT IS MY CHOICE TO DO SO, it is not a preference that you have the right to try and change. I enjoy driving and so I have a car with a gearstick and a clutch, yes I burn a bit more fuel, but I don’t moan to you how you should have a smaller T.V. whilst you enjoy watching a DVD. It is hard enough being a motorist in todays world with tax for everything and petrol costing more than water from the holy grail. We pay for the privilege of owning a motorcar, so go back to your house made from recycled materials and expel your energy of doing something worthwhile that isn’t trying to make me feel bad for simply breathing too hard.