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What we Know about the New Toyota Supra


Toyota FT-1 Concept carThe Toyota Supra was last seen in showrooms back in 2002, the latest incarnation running for a full ten years. This MK4 car was a serious sports car with the fastest packing turbos and 326HP. 0-60MPH took just 4.6 seconds thanks to its sequential turbos designed to reduce lag. Toyota are working on a new sports car to sit above the GT86 in a cooperative effort with BMW. Whilst the car is still a year or two away, some details have been circulating at motor shows and various concept cars overtly suggest that this new model will take the form of a Supra successor. So what do we know?

As far back as 2007 Toyota have been considering such a car to boost excitement in their portfolio. The FT-HS appeared at the North American Auto Show and stirred the notion that Toyota wereToyota FT-1 concept red testing the water for a new sports car. Proportionally it was very similar to the Supra but featured a 3.5 litre V6 hybrid engine. With Toyota’s success in WEC racing, we know they are keen to transfer that hybrid technology to the road.

A partnership with BMW was announced in 2012 to develop a hybrid sports car platform that will underpin a new model from each brand. BMW have much experience with carbon fibre body structures thanks to their i3 and i8. All wheel drive seems like a probable means to power the car.

The Toyota FT-1 concept car of last year is our best look yet at what a new Toyota Supra could have in store. Design elements of this machine will influence other Toyota models, but considering how well received the concept was, much of its architecture will likely be carried over.

The car is currently in its concept phase of development and so we should se some form of show car very soon.