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Williams To Be Powered By Renault F1 Engine 2012


Underneath the grand show that is Formula One is a serious business. Millions can be made or lost in a sport where victory is everything. Multiple world champions Williams have seen mixed fortunes over the past few years but never gaining enough momentum to return to the top. The re-ignition of one of the most potent partnerships in F1 could change that. Renault and Williams are back in business.

From 2012 to 2013 the Williams Formula One team will be powered by what is currently the most successful, reliable and widely used engine in the sport. 1989-1997 were the golden years of this alliance making the iconic name a legend. It has even been hinted that a Renault twin-turbo V6 will be placed in the Williams after the rule changes in 2014.

Can this bring Williams the success it once had? Only time will tell.