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You Only Have A Year To Order A Suzuki Jimny!


The Suzuki Jimny is a true people’s champion, with this micro-machine capable of shaming far larger 4x4s. Its latest incarnation harks back to its roots with a retro design and honest-to-god off-road capabilities. However, it would appear that the Jimny’s days in Europe might be numbered!

This lovable little mud plugger has capture the hearts of motoring journalists and prospective buyers alike. In fact, there is currently a waiting list of nearly a year for the Jimny – a nice problem for Suzuki to have. Its real issue is pending average fleet CO2 regulations for manufacturers, of which the baby SUV’s 154g/km adversely effects.

While Suzuki are reportedly going to do their upmost to deliver the many Jimnys on orderer throughout Europe during 2020, the model will likely disappear in 2021. Speculation suggests that it might get away with being converted into an N1 commercial vehicle (removing the rear seats) and continuing to be sold, but obviously that is far less appealing than the current configuration.

Considering the huge success of the new Jimny, we’d be surprised if the Japanese marque surrendered all of the goodwill the model has accumulated during its short European lifespan. It’s likely that a variant featuring the Ignis’ hybrid system may soon make an appearance.

Launched in 2018, the new Jimny is offered with a 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine as its sole power unit option. You can choose between an automatic or manual transmission, the latter being the least polluting. All variants come with selectable all-wheel drive and a curb weight light enough to allow it to skip over most obstacles.

If you still crave the automotive equivalent of David as opposed to Land Rover’s range of Goliaths, you should get down to a dealer ASAP. It’s thought that much of the UK’s 2020 allocation of cars is already spoken for.