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Alfa Romeo 4C Revealed


Alfa Romeo 4C rearThere is just that indescribable something about Alfa Romeos. An atmosphere that you absorb as someone who can appreciate a car for being more than just a means of transport. They talk to you, communicate in a way no other car does when you drive it. Alfa Romeo for the past few years have lacked a car that does this in an obvious manor. Sure, their hatchbacks are nice but when you have a badge that descends from Grand Prix royalty it is mind boggling to think that they lack a true sports car from their range. Well let your mind boggle no more… This is Alfa’s triumphant return!

First seen two years ago in concept form, the Alfa Romeo 4C is a beautiful sculpture on wheels. The attention to detail in every curve, light and vent is pure automotive art. Beneath its carbon fibre body sits a mid-mounted 1.8 litre turbocharged four cylinder engine. The power to weight ratio of this little coupe is a staggering 4KG/HP, thanks to the carbon monocoque. Alfa’s new toy gets its power to the ground via a twin clutch automatic transmission.

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