Opinions… We all have them and us petrol heads tend to have some of the strongest and arguably the most controversial. Be it about your mates new car, how public transport always has a strange smell, or that wacky scheme to supercharge you armchair. To be perfectly honest, most of our meetings consist at least half an hour of car based humour and absolute nonsense. Preventing our motoring twaddle going to waste, our motoring hacks we be regularly publishing it to this page, our new blog!

Expect rants, a pinch of cynicism, far too many car based puns and more cliches than you can shake a stick at. So buckle up, start your engines and prepare for some heavily opinionated reading that will do one of three things. 1) Make you chuckle in amusement. 2) Start a revolution. 3) Cause us to receive a vast amount of hate mail from the cycling community.

Join us as we put the world to rights.



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