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Could The Toyota GT86 Be The “Petrol Head’s” Saviour?


If you love the sensation of driving, can appreciate the intricacies of a well put together machine, and take pride in your own car, you sir are one of the petrol headed amongst the world. We enjoy life just as much as the next person, but instead of taking an interest in things like football, we care for things four wheeled and fast. The thrashing of pistons, the response from the throttle, the bite of good tyres as they are thrown into the apex. All of these things culminate in our passion for the motor car, however as I’m sure you know, we are an endangered species…

For a while now our roads upon where we play have been neutered with speed bumps and cameras. Taxes for enjoying ourselves are forever an annual expense. This is all nothing new, but our extinction has been taken to higher levels in new cars. Today its all about airbags and boot space, not power or weight. MPG has replaced MPH. A lot of cars now lack the feel and character of the machines we adore in order to facilitate for the herd that just want to get from A to B. Other than the hyper expensive toys we have on posters, our kingdom is being deleted nut by bolt. Is there any hope left? For the common enthusiast is there any reason to cling on for an apparently inevitable defeat? The outlook was grim until we were delivered one final bastion of hope. Could the Toyota GT86 be our hero?

It appears to tick all the right boxes. Rear wheel drive, performance derived boxer engine, low center of gravity, the ability to completely turn off its electronic nanny. This car represents a key point in time for the automotive world It shows that somewhere out there people still want to build cars not just for profit, but for fun. The fact that this car purposely has skinny rear tyres so every now and then you can kick the rear out is a triumph for us over the autocratic money makers. We have yet to test the GT86, but we are eagerly awaiting our turn. If this machine can deliver all it promises for under £25,000 it opens up a long since dead market. Toyota’s competitors will want a slice of that pie and BANG!!! The rebirth of the affordable sports car.

So thank you Toyota for for lending us a hand to grab hold of in an attempt to clamber out the the darkness and retake those b-roads that are rightfully ours.