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Ford S-Max Concept Makes MPVs Sexy


Ford S-Max Concept frontMPV. Those three letters are possibly the least attractive in the alphabet and when put together represent a host of rather dull people movers that are all function and no fun. The original S-Max bucked that trend and offered a stylish way to ferry the family around, however, its competitors don’t exactly give it a hard time in that department. A new S-Max is just around the corner and Ford have done a damn good job at making it the best looking MPV we have ever seen.

The new Ford S-Max Concept is a real looker! It is sleek and modern with flowing lines that just demand onlookers attention. Though officially a concept, this car is very close to what the finished car shall look like. A stocky stance as well as elongated windows give the new S-Max a very sporty appearance. Inside it is a premium affair with all surfaces being highly sculpted. Seating 5, this concept car is powered by a 1.5 litre four cylinder engine.

Ford S-Max Concept insideFord S-Max Concept rear