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Land Rover Defender Gets New Diesel


“The Defender can trace its roots back to 1948 and during that period Land Rovers have earned a reputation as the most rugged and versatile off-road vehicles in the world.” This is one of the opening lines to a press release set to us today from Land Rover, and we would have to completely agree with what it says. Used by the armed forces across the world for the same reason the general public love it, the Defender is such a capable machine when it comes to the rough stuff. Now it has a new engine.

The cars 2.4 litre diesel has been replaced with a 2.2 in order to meet new Euro 5 emissions levels but Land Rover promise that despite a lower capacity, it is even more capable. Producing the same power and the same 360Nm of torque this new diesel can match the old engine for muscle. Top speed is now 90MPH as opposed to 82MPH, not bad considering that the Defender has the aerodynamic properties of a shed. The new engine also promises to quieter than its predecessor.