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McLaren 570S GT4 is 50 Shades of Evil


McLaren 570S GT4 frontYou can not separate McLaren and motorsport as the British company simply would not exist today without its trackside success. Much of the road car division takes technology and inspiration from the racing teams experiences of over five decades. This makes said cars the perfect candidates to go GT racing in extremely competitive classes. We have seen the 650S GT3 racer, but now it is the turn of this McLaren 570S GT4.

Sometimes a car just looks fit for purpose and this McLaren 570S GT4 is a great example. Pictured in a rather sinister grey, the baby McLaren qualifies for many of the GT series run around the world. It is powered by the same twin-turbocharged 3.8 litre V8 as the road car and so produces 562 BHP. Torque is rated at a healthy 443b ft. Differing greatly from the road car is the aerodynamic profile, specifically the large rear wing and front splitter. Adjustable suspension enables teams and their driver to dial the car into that weekends track. Inside the McLaren 570S GT4 is stripped out and features an FIA approved roll cage.

2016 will see the car compete in the British GT Championship with Black Bull Ecurie Ecosse at every race. This enables McLaren to further improve the formula in a racing environment. From 2017 the McLaren 570S GT4 will be available to everyone at the cost of £159,900.

McLaren also announced another tamer track toy based upon 570S called the Sprint. It shares more in common with the road car it is based upon and would be ideal for any gentlemen racers out there.

570S road car sales are going on strong and we expect these little monsters to follow suit.

McLaren 570S GT4 rear