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McLaren P1 Performance Figures Revealed


McLaren P1 yellow rearThe new McLaren P1 is to become the flagship of the Formula One turned supercar manufacture at its official reveal in Geneva. Slowly the media hasMcLaren P1 yellow front been drip-fed tantalising details about the car that replaces the fabled F1. Today the numbers we have all been waiting for have been announced and they are nothing short of astonishing.

From the top. The McLaren P1 is to be powered by a 3.8 litre twin-turbo V8 engine that is mid-mounted. The total power output for the car including an electrical power boost is 903BHP. Now things get interesting… 0-62MPH is completed in under 3 seconds and the P1 will go onto a top speed of 218MPH. 0-124MPH is vanquished in under 7 seconds and 0-186MPH in a mind boggling 17 seconds! Only 375 P1’s will be produces at a cost of £866,000.