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Q&A with Inside Lane


We are well into the second season of the Inside Lane weekly VLOG and so far we have taken you on car launches, exclusive behind the scenes tours of prestigious car factories, and generally droned on about what we have coming up. The YouTube channel has grown dramatically over the past year and whilst the VLOG is not a big hitter in terms of numbers, it was never intended to be, this medium does give us the opportunity to interact with you more. We thought it was about time we did a Q&A to answer your car related questions.

There are many queries that are asked on mass so Tyler kicks off with the most frequent offenders. Everything from “What does motoring journalism entail” to “have you ever had tea with the Queen?”

Next up are the individual questions that we have plucked from the comments that deserve their time in the spotlight. Some of these are real crackers and so we were happy to provide answers!

Also in this weeks VLOG you will find some BIG Ford news. We have finally secured the keys to a Focus RS and will be bringing you a review, but also coming soon is an early look at the Fiesta ST200.

Check out our Q&A VLOG!