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Schumacher Exits Formula One For Good


Think of some of some of the greatest drivers in motorsport and names such as Collin McRae, Senna and Prost may spring to mind. However, to those who may not know a great deal about racing there will still be one name that they all know. Schumacher. The German 7 time F1 world champion came out of retirement in 2010 to join the new Mercedes-Benz team. 3 seasons later he is making his final exit.

The legend that is Michael Schumacher, to many, never showed the once dominate pace of his first career. Hampered by an uncompetitive car he appeared to struggle with the rate that the sport had changed in his absence. He had many critics that I feel were a little too harsh on the red baron. The 2012 season has shown that he can still keep pace with todays young men and I think it is a shame that he will no longer have the opportunity to improve. As always with Schumacher, even his departure is soaked in drama as McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton will take his place.

Schumacher finished by saying that he has learnt a lot about himself over the past few years and that often losing can be much more instructive than winning. The one thing everyone should have in mind is that he was brave enough to come back and give it a go.