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The Most Fun You Can Have For Under £1000


Today it could be argued that driving isn’t all that much fun. Speed cameras attempting to ruin your day, the cost of fuel causing your money to vanish faster than Houdini, not to mention the vast amount of congestion that often makes the whole experience biblically frustrating. However, I am here to tell you that fun is not dead… In fact I have found the most fun you can have and be on a tight budget.

Most of you will agree that £1,000 doesn’t get you very far these days and so such a small sum to go and buy a car with isn’t going bare much fruit… Or so you might think. For £1,000 you have a vast sea of average hatchbacks available to you as well as the odd beat-up saloon. These tend to offer about as much excitement as a trip to the doctors that results in a diagnosis of whooping cough, yet amidst the collection of “perfect for first time drivers” cars, there is a shining beacon of hope. The Mazda MX-5.

With 995 of my very own pounds I bough an original 1992 MK1 Mazda MX-5 and it is a blast! This car killed off the homegrown British sports car for two reasons: 1) It offered all of the same thrills for a very competitive price. 2) It didn’t breakdown every time it was Tuesday. This little might with it’s pop-up headlights and simple rag top is no hairdressers car despite the unfortunate tag being attached to it. This UK supplied 1.6 litre still has plenty of grunt and with a bellowing exhaust note and handling to die for, it never fails to put a smile on your face. Its short throw gearbox clicks and clunks away along with many other loud components, but this is all just part of a fantastic blend of man and machine that turns every journey into an adventure. Give it a big open space and it will dance and smoke its tyres all day long. No wonder this machine has become such a cult classic!

Yes, it is hard to find a MK1 UK car for this money, but they are out there. Buying at this time of year is particularly favorable as the weather tends to bring prices down slightly. Something else that may interest potential buyers is the fact that the MK1 car is becoming very collectable. Over the past 6 months their base price has been steadily increasing. Be cautious when buying any car of this age, but also remember that another ace up the MX-5’s sleeve is that parts tend to be cheap.

I have have covered hundreds of miles in mine already and enjoyed every single one of them. It is great on petrol, great in motion and with these pinstripes, great to look at.