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22 Races on 2014 Formula One Calendar


F1 2013Formula One is the worlds top flight motorsport providing the fastest machines and drivers in the finest locations on the globe. From Monaco to Spa, each track brings its own local flavour to the show along with unique technical challenges. 2014 sees some very big changes for the cars in F1, but the recently published calendar also reveals big changes for the championships duration.

This year, with 19 races, represents the longest Formula One season in the sports history. However, for 2014 we could be seeing 22 races. The additions of Grand Prix of America on the streets of New Jersey, Austria and Mexico make up this vast amount of events. This extension of the racing year could prove to be a struggle for the budget of lower teams on the grid. The aforementioned tracks along with the Korean GP are all subject to change if the circuits aren’t up to scratch.

F1’s 2014 season would start in Australia on 16th March and run through until 30th November in Brazil.

Pirelli have also been signed as the sports tyre supplier for 2014.