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903BHP McLaren P1 Steps Out of its Fathers Shadow


McLaren P1 sunset rearThe McLaren P1 will be one of the cars that will define this decade of automotive achievement. The successor to the legendary F1 supercar has some big shoes to fill as well as having the added pressure of going toe to toe with Ferrari’s next-generation flagship. There were concerns that maybe the P1 had been over hyped and that the only realistic outcome would be disappointment. I am glad to say that after opening an E-Mail from McLaren this morning disappointment is one of the very few things this car can’t do.

McLaren have revealed the beating heart of the P1 to be a 3.8 litre twin-turbo V8 engine. This mid-mounted unit produces 727BHP but is also paired to a 176BHP electric motor. This total output for the McLaren P1 is a mighty impressive 903BHP. The KERS inspired IPAS button boosts the cars power instantly increasing performance. It is capable of running on electric power alone for up to 6 miles. McLaren have also equipped the car with Formula One derived DRS that can reduce drag at high speeds by 26%. All of this incredible performance comes from a car that emits less than 200g/km of CO2.

Official benchmark figures will be revealed at the Geneva motor show.

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