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McLaren P1 Shows Off Cockpit


McLaren P1 insideThe McLaren P1 is one of the most anticipated cars of 2013. The twin-turbo V8 successor to McLaren’s legendary F1 supercar is promised to go every bit as fast as it looks. Aiming to be the fastest road legal performance machine on any race track, the British firm has packed it with Formula One technology. The interior of the car has been kept secret up until today.

Revealed for the first time, we can now see from the perspective of prospective P1 owners. The carbon fibre drenched cockpit is minimalist but still offers creature comforts such as air conditioning, sat-nav and a media system. The carbon is missing a layer of resin that McLaren say saves 1.5KG. Also in the interests of saving weight the car has no sound deadening what so ever. Its glass canopy allows for plenty of natural light to fill the drivers safety cell. Seating can be pitched at highly raked angles to allow for better visibility when wearing a helmet.

The McLaren P1 will be shown in full at the Geneva motor show.