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Rowan Atkinson’s £910,000 McLaren Repair Bill


McLaren F1 rearCars are indeed costly items to behold. Be it their initial purchase price, maintenance, tax, fuel .etc The biggest cost, however, can come in the form of an unfortunate accident that leaves your pride and joy worse for wear. Then again that is what we pay our insurance premiums for and famed comedian Rowan Atkinson is thanking his luck stars that he did.

Mr Atkinson is a well documented “petrol head” and is very proud of using his McLaren F1 as a day to day car. He often speaks of how he hates people who buy such machines and never use them. Last year, whilst out driving, Rowan hit a slippery patch of road that sent his McLaren off and into a tree. The accident cleaved the rear end of the car clean off taking the engine block with it. He has just got the car back from spending a year in McLaren’s repair shop and his insurers have just paid out £910,000 for the work that was carried out. This is the biggest insurance claim in the UK by some margin.