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2014 Range Rover Evoque Gets 9-Speed Gearbox


2014 Range Rover EvoqueTalk about a trend setter! The Range Rover Evoque has become a common sight in well to do urban areas of the UK with its compact size, modern design and prestigious badge being key selling points. Now the baby Range Rover is to receive a nip and tuck as it undergoes a refresh that also sees the introduction of a 9-speed gearbox.

A 9-speed gearbox? Is that really necessary? Fear not, you shall not be forever clicking through gears as this is an automatic option. The new box with more cogs than most is there primarily to save fuel and reduce emissions. A 9.5% reduction in CO2 can be seen along with with an 11.4% increase in economy. Externally the Evoque’s changes are small but include a new set of alloy wheels and detail changes for the badging.