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2014 Range Rover Sport LEAKED in Monumental Mess-up


2014 Range Rover leakedThe new Range Rover Sport is something that is very eagerly awaited by the automotive community. The latest car to join along side the new Range Rover has been teased by the company for a series of promotional pieces in its lead up to a debut in New York. They had been doing a very good job of keeping its appearance a secret up until someone made the biggest mistake of their career.

Imagine that you are a window tinting firm over in America. You have just gladly accepted a top secret contract with Range Rover for a car that is set to go on a video shoot. What would you do? Probably not put pictures of it up on a window tinting forum boasting of your work. Found on tintdude.com the image reveals in full the fastest Range Rover to date. “D’oh!” We are guessing this man is now in a lot of trouble.

The car builds on the bold architecture of the new Range Rover adding a sloping roofline and flared wheel arches.