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Are you the 2015 Ferrari California?


2015 Ferrari CaliforniaThe Ferrari California represented a lot of firsts for the Italian company when new. It was the prancing horses first front engined V8 road car, first metal folding top and enabled Ferrari to enter a new market. The California is currently the oldest model in the Ferrari stable, but some interesting information leads us to believe that this won’t be the case for much longer.

Recently discovered patent drawings show a new front engined coupe from the Italians. Resembling the 458, FF and LaFerrari this new car is almost certainly the next generation California. Sources also suggest that the new car will be turbocharged and potentially have KERS much likeFerrari’s new flagship supercar. The California’s bonnet scoop has been replaced with prominent clusters of grills for cooling and to aid aerodynamic flow. We could see the new car next year dependent on how Ferrari plans to continue with the lifecycle of the current model.