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Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Reborn


2013 Alfa Romeo Disco VolanteGive a German a spanner and he will build you function. Give a Frenchman a kitchen and he will cook you delight. But give an Italian a pencil and he will draw you beauty… It must be something in the water, but Italian design work if often the very best the world has to offer. Alfa Romeo have produced cars so beautiful that their designs today are timeless. The Disco Volante is one such car but an Italian coachbuilder has dared to dream of what this work of art would look like today.

Touring Superleggera have been prestigious coachbuilders since 1926 and so it is very little wonder how they got Alfa Romeo’s official backing. Based upon the Alfa Romeo 8C, the 2013 Disco Volante is striking to look at. With its raked stance and voluptuous curves there is no denying its visual beauty. Beneath the skin sits the 4.7 litre V8 from the 8C that can get the Disco Volante from 0-62MPH in 4.2 seconds and on to a top speed of 180MPH. It takes over 4,000 hours to build one of these strictly limited-run masterpieces.