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Aston Martin CC100 to be Road Legal One-Off


Aston Martin CC100 productionAston Martin really do know how to do celebrations properly. Where from other manufacturers we might get a special edition model variant, Aston for their 100th Birthday have given the world everything from concept cars to ultra powerful production models. The CC100 concept was to be a single car that the company were going to keep in their museum as a gift to themselves, but a series of events have created a much more interesting outcome for this beauty.

The concept car itself has been sold to a private collector for the princely sum of £500,000. This car though a functioning machine is not road legal and was only ever designed for display. Another customer has now commissioned Aston Martin to build another CC100, but this one is to be certified as road legal. To be delivered later this year, it is good to see that this fantastic V12 supercar will be released into the wild.