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Car Insurance, We All Need It…


MX-5 forestIt is a rather costly time of year thanks to the Christmas season. After the gifts have been exchanged and the turkey eaten, money can be tight, particularly in the current economic climate. If you run a car, 2013 means that you have at least three guaranteed expenses. Road tax, MOT and the dreaded car insurance. If you are like me, your renewal is soon after the New Year and the letter containing the documents for insurance have already arrived. Car insurance is an unavoidable cost, but it can be made a little easier on your bank balance if you shop around.

I would advise calling your current insurer to see if they would be willing to make a reduction on the basis of you being a reoccurring customer. This may lower your bill slightly, but don’t stop there. There are many price comparison sites out there, such as comparethemarket.com, who are willing to do all of the leg work, getting quotes from multiple insurers, making sure you get a broad perspective of how much you should be paying. If your current insurers offer is not competitive you have one of two options. Firstly give them a call back and tell them what you have found concerning competitors pricing, they may be willing to match them to keep your custom. Alternatively you can switch insurers with very little hassle. Rival companies are very keen to acquire new clients; you may find their deals much more pleasing than the one that came through the post.

The moral of the story is don’t be willing to just accept what a company tells you. Go out, do some homework and save those pounds!