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Civic Type R Road Trip: Day 3 Hungary For Type R


Civic Type R Hungary wheelAustria and the Czech Republic proved to be ideal hosts yesterday providing stunning scenery and entertaining roads. As mentioned in yesterdays post, the cars performed without fault even after a good thrashing at the Nurburgring. Today we pointed the nose of out 2016 Honda Civic Type R in the direction of Hungary. Filling he fuel tanks once more, we hit there road.

Heading out on to the motorway we were met by a good amount of traffic and road works. With the temperature rapidly rising outside, the air-conditioning was most defiantly being put to the test. But neither I nor the car broke a sweat, and thanks to smooth as silk European roads, this portion of our long journey was made to be as painless as possible. Once free of the traffic we crossed the border and into Hungary. The perfect play on words was born out of us wanting some lunch immediately after, hence the title.

Stopping at one of the largest natural lakes in Europe, the CivicCivic Type R Hungary pair Type R once again drew plenty of attention. Here the Marmite “love it or hate it” looks of this car was apparent. Some curled their top lip, whilst others took pictures and attempted (I don’t speak the local dialect) to talk with us about the Type R. Thankfully “petrol head” is a pretty universal language!

Whilst the scenery continued to impress with castles and endless vistas, the roads weren’t overly remarkable… That was until we were approaching Budapest. A last hurrah for the day came in the form of snaking tarmac narrated by the turbo sneeze of our Type R. Whilst today was more about getting to Hungary than scouting rollercoaster inspired roads, what we are doing here tomorrow is the key. Somethings I can tell you in the next instalment, other things will be under embargo until a set date.

For now let’s just say that tomorrow involves the second of our two world famous race tracks.

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