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Greatest Cars of All-Time: Aston Martin DB5


1963 Aston Martin DB5 rearSometimes you only need to look at a car to see that it exudes greatness. The Aston Martin DB5 is one such machine with its commanding stance and unique British charm. This car in a recent global survey ranked in the top ten when people were asked what represents Great Britain. Handsome, regal and set to become a global star, did you ever doubt that this legend would make it onto the list?

1963 is a great vintage in the history of the motor car and it is where the DB5 began its life. An evolution of the DB4, this new model was now powered by a 282BHP 4.0 litre1963 Aston Martin DB5 profile engine. Officially the car would crack 143MPH and do 0-60MPH in 8 seconds. The DB, or David Brown, range of Astons was regarded highly for their sporting nature reinforced by Le Mans victories.

The DB5 would make its big screen debut in the James Bond classic Goldfinger of 1964. This glorious car teaming with gadgets accompanied super spy James Bond on his mission that would see him take on the infamous Gold smuggler Auric Goldfinger. Aston Martin and Bond went together like strawberries and cream with the relationship still seen today. The latest 007 epic went back to its roots staring the DB5 as Bonds noble steed once again.

A Vantage variation of the Aston Martin DB5 saw release in 1964 featuring Webers that enabled greater performance when the car was pushed hard. The new output from the engine was 315BHP but only 65 DB5 Vantages were ever produced. 165 DB5 convertibles were sold, though the low number could be attributed to customers wanting “the car that Bond drives.” An interesting footnote in the DB5 story is the appearance of a prototype shooting brake model that was developed specifically for David Brown himself.

Aston Martin is celebrating their centenary this year and thought they have produced many fantastic cars throughout their history, the DB5 still remains the most famous.