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Greatest Cars of All-Time: McLaren F1


McLaren F1 LM PrototypeThis series of “greatest cars of all-time” has taken us on a journey through some of the biggest icons the automotive world has ever produced. Each machine a fine specimen of four wheeled engineering that is great in every sense of the word. Today our countdown comes to close as we revel what we think is the greatest car of all-time…

This is a true example of pedigree in both road and racing. It is a testament to science and engineering. Its very existence was determined by the latest technologies the world had to offer. It is the McLaren F1.

The McLaren F1 is one of the finest examples of human design on the planet. Formula One design legend Gordon Murry created a concept car that pulled together all of McLaren’s Formula One knowledge in aerodynamics and race car packaging to produce a machine so inspiring that it just had to make production. In 1992 the motoring landscape changed forever.

Powered by a 6.1 litre V12 engine producing 627HP, the F1 remained purposely naturally aspirated in order for the driver to maintain maximum control over the engine. This engine came from BMW, though originally Murry wanted it to be fromMcLaren F1 GTR Le Mans winner Honda and based upon an F1 unit. When Honda refused the BMW option was taken. The chassis is a carbon fibre reinforced monocoque, very similar to that of a racing car. Its brakes were made by Brembo and were unassisted and along with a manual transmission it meant that if you wanted the F1 to perform at its best you needed to be a good driver (something that is missing from modern supercars.) A unique feature of the F1 is its three abreast seating allowing for the driver to sit centrally much like in a single seater.

The McLaren F1 became the worlds fastest car, a record it held for over a decade. With a 243MPH top speed and a 0-62MPH time of just 3.2 seconds, this car was lightyears ahead of its time. Active aerodynamics, a gold lined engine bay and advanced crash structures all factored into the building of this astonishing car. It corners like a race car and cruses like a GT, this British icon was a hero for children and adults alike certainly finding its way onto many bedroom walls. It even won Le Man!

The F1 is still regarded as one of the best supercars even today 21 years on from its inception. Truly the greatest car of all-time.