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Bridgestone Does Movember

Movember BridgestoneMovember Bridgestone

Movember Bridgestone

It is that time of year again where facial hair becomes fashionable for a good cause. It is of course Movember! Not familiar with the term? Curious as to why all of the men in your life look like characters from the 1930’s? Well, Movermber is a movement that aims to raise awareness and a bit of money for mens health. Over the month of November guys are to grow a moustache, usually in a rather comical fashion, and get sponsored with the proceeds going to mens health charities. Handlebar, box car, pencil, you decide on what your moustached alter ego should wear. The Bridgestone Bros are out and about seeking talented ‘taches.

For Movember Bridgestone have sent two young moustached chaps out all over Europe to spot really good facial hair. Charlie Chaplin, Magnum P.I. and Zorro would receive their seal of approval. Partnering with global mend health charity Movember, these two comically tackle the language barriers in order to shake the hands, or fist bump, those making a real effort with their facial configuration. Shouting through megaphones, scaring the locals and driving a moustache wearing classic Volkswagen camper van they hit the road. Setting off from their starting location on London they travel to Antwerp and then into Strasbourg. From there the next stop is Berlin with the final destination being Stuttgart. 

Track the Bridgestone Bros progress across Europe at www.beeneverywhere.eu where using their “moustache recognition technology” will give you access.

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