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Gumpert Goes Bust


Gumpert ApolloBig car manufacturers are finding it tough going in the current financial climate. FACT. Even these huge powerhouses of industrial might have seen sales slump and investment shrink. Now imagine you run a small operation that specialise in small volume machines. All of a sudden that “slump in sales” becomes a cardiac arrest. That is what has happened to German performance car manufacturer Gumpert.

The makers of the wickedly fast Apollo supercars, Gumpert, have gone bust. After a failed  attempt to branch out into the growing Chines premium car market, the company were rescued by an investor with the capital to get the the production line fired up again. However, today it is a with heavy heart that we report the death of Gumpert. A drop in sales led to the investor pulling out and the brand with nowhere to go.

The Apollo was never a very pretty car, but it was a damn fast one that gave even the big boys a run for their money.