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Inside Lane Car of the Year 2013: Ford Fiesta ST


2013 car of the year Ford Fiesta ST frontSo, it is at last that time of year again where we crown Inside Lane’s Car of the Year. 2013 has been one of the best years for new cars in the automotive industry. We have had titanic supercar launches in the form of the McLaren P1, LaFerrari and the2013 car of the year Ford Fiesta ST rear Porsche 918. People movers have seen Ford graduate into that class of car with the Tourneo Connect. The battle in the ever competitive hatchback market got much harder thanks to the excellent new Mazda 3. This vast amount of, to be perfectly honest, very good machinery shows that the whole industry has upped its game. Ok, enough waffle. The 2013 Car of the Year is… The Ford Fiesta ST.

This car is an absolute riot to drive! 0-62MPH in just 7 second with 197BHP available on over boost from its turbocharged engine, it is a quick little hatch. The ST handles very well and is merry to be thrown into corners at silly speeds only to cock a rear wheel and continue the fun on the other side. Visually it looks great, not too OTT but with just enough boy racer styling to let people know that this is no ordinary Fiesta. On top of these qualities it is practical. After you have finished trying to gain an ASBO this car is is still a Fiesta, meaning it will seat five and have enough room in the boot for the shopping. However, the best part about this Ford is that you can have all of that fun, styling and practicality for just £17,995. We think it is the best all-round car of this year and so it takes the top spot for 2013.

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