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Kia Niro Concept Puts the Cool in Crossover


Kia Niro ConceptThe Nissan Juke really started something with its funky jacked up hatchback. Though its bold styling was not to everyones taste, it does turn heads are for those looking for a small high riding car with a bit of attitude, it was an attractive niche. As always, when something proves popular others join in the fun and now it is Kia’s turn.

Though not slated for production, this Kia Niro Concept will help shape the companies future design direction in terms of a crossover. Featuring swan doors and chunky tyres, the Niro does look rather unique. Said to be design with European tastes in mind, the bold appearance continues a succession of very stylish cars from Kia. The car shall make its debut at the 2013 Frankfurt motor show.