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Latest Audi A1 Is Turbo And Supercharged!


Audi’s little A1 hatchback is selling rather well contributing to their record sales. Though lacking the the companies legendary Quattro drive, soon to be fixed with the S1, the bold city car more than makes up for it in the form of nippy handling. Priced higher than competitors it may been seen as too costly but with the standard Audi premium feel it is entirely justifiable. Now Audi have decided to not only supercharge it but add a turbo for good measure.

The new 1.4 litre TFSI with supercharger and a turbo squeezed under the tiny bonnet give this little car over 180BHP, more than enough to run four rings around the competition. Priced at £20,705 its not really in the same price band as a Mini but you do get Audi’s S tronic twin-clutch transmission on the S-line variant. For a pint-sized car 250Nm of torque is phenomenal, factor in a 0-62MPH of just 6.9 seconds and a top speed of 141MPH things like the Fiat 500 Abath wouldn’t stand a chance.

Want one? They are available to order from your local Audi dealership now.