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Listen to the New 2014 Mercedes Formula One Engine


2014 Mercedes V6 F1 engine2014 will see the biggest upheaval in the rules of Formula One for quite some time. Aerodynamics are changing, KERS plays a much bigger role in the cars overall performance, fuel loads are being reduced, but the biggest change comes with new engines. For 2014 we move away from the naturally aspirated V8’s to 1.6 litre turbocharged V6’s.

The new V6 engines are to be considerably more efficient than their predecessors but are actually looking to output more power. Mercedes AMG Petronas are aiming for 2014 to be their championship winning year and with a promising 2013 car on track at the moment, things are looking good. Mercedes-Benz has invested a lot of money to try an insure they are at the front of the pack next year and so the new engine has been in development for a while. Questions over the new engines audible sensations are being raised with fans crying for the old V8’s or even the return of the V10, however Mercedes are quick to defend the 2014 power unit. On their YouTube page a comment to a user mentioning older engines reads “No, that’s what F1 used to sound like 15 years ago. Playing the nostalgia card isn’t tricky but Honda are returning to the sport because these rules make sense for them.”

Here is what the future of Formula One sounds like…