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McLaren 570GT is the Most Refined McLaren Ever


McLaren 570GT Front

McLaren have announced their most refined and usable model they’ve ever created ahead of the Geneva International Motor Show and it comes in the form of the McLaren 570GT. This newest addition to the McLaren line-up will join the manufacturers largest selection they’ve ever displayed at the prestigious event and joins the 570S Coupe and 540C Coupe in McLaren’s Sports Series family. McLaren have stated that the GT is the most road-biased model yet and is designed with a primary focus on everyday usability, practicality and comfort, whilst remaining a true McLaren.

Created with long drives and road trips away in mind, the 570GT has received a number of new features, which aim to make these trips away as pleasurable as possible. Ingress and egress is made easier due to the lower and narrower sill, whilst the dihedral doors open with a more upward arc for a greater ease of access. Once inside, a spacious and ergonomic cockpit greets the occupants. The eight-way electrically adjustable sports seats are upholstered in leather as standard, whilst luxuries such as air conditioning, McLaren 570GT Interiornavigation, audio and telephone are accessed through the centre touchscreen.

The standard panoramic allows the cabin to be flooded with natural light, with cabin temperature regulated through a dual-zone climate control system. The front luggage capacity mirrors that of the Coupe variant at 150 litres. However, a further 220 litres of stowage is available behind the rear seats and is accessed via a side opening Glass Hatch, which opens kerbside whether it is a left or right-hand drive model. McLaren’s attention to refinement with the 570GT is accentuated through the use of Pirelli’s specially developed P Zero tyres, which create less in-cabin noise.

Predictably with any McLaren, the highest quality materials and latest technologies have been implemented for the ultimate driving experience. The interior is filled to the brim with leather and electric heated seats. Other luxuries include front and rear parking sensors, soft close doors and a toned down exhaust system in comparison to it’s Coupe sibling. From launch, there is an array of ‘By McLaren’ design interior specifications, aiming for each owner to tailor their super GT to their requirements. These are available in a choice of Luxury or Sport configurations, like the 570S Coupe, and aim to showcase McLaren 570GT Rearthe design of the cabin.

Adopting the newly developed suspension as found with the other Sports Series models, McLaren claim the 570GT combines the level of engagement found in the Coupe with a unique setup for increased levels of luxury and refinement. The GT also takes the 562bhp twin-turbo 3.8-litre V8 engine, which debuted in the 570S Coupe. The 443lb ft. on tap is identical to that of the Coupe, as is its power. A seven-speed transmission with Normal, Sport and Track settings direct the power to the rear wheels. Despite McLaren dubbing the 570GT a sports car, it will certainly leave some supercars weary with its performance. 0-62mph is dealt with in just 3.4 seconds; 124mph is over in 9.8 seconds and it won’t stop until it breaks the 200 mark, topping out at 204mph.

McLaren have always been given praise for creating very quick and engaging, yet usable cars and the McLaren 570GT takes the usability and luxury to another level. You can see this latest model in the metal when it comes to Geneva on March 1.

McLaren 570GT Panoramic