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Production Honda Civic Tourer Unveiled


Honda CIvic Tourer profileHonda’s Civic has been a staple of the Japanese company since 1973 and has maintained a loyal fan base. The cars practicality, ergonomics and reliability have become strong traits in every generation. The styling of the current car departed from the funky futuristic architecture of the one it replaced in a bid to recapture some of the older demographic that had been put off by such things as triangular exhausts. With the introduction of a new estate variant, Honda have brought back some of the more interesting design language that we missed on the hatchback.

Looking very reminiscent of the concept, no bad thing, the new Honda Civic Tourer does not lack any panache in the visual department. Incorporating a new “floating roof” design, this car is not one you would lose in the sea of blandness that is the M27. However, this model isn’t all show and no go as it boasts the best interior load space with the rear seats up for its class at 624 litres. The Tourer will share the hatchbacks engine line-up including the impressive new 1.6 litre diesel unit.

Honda Civic Tourer interiorHonda Civic Tourer rear